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Great Barrier Wheels Terms and Conditions

Please do not: take our vehicles on or near the beach - smoke - overload - drink & drive!! - forget our roads also have road rules.

We invoice via xero. This vehicle is on loan to you from the fleet that is our company's livelihood. Every precaution has been taken to make your experience as smooth as possible - and in the unlikely event something doesn't go to plan, we'll also try to remedy as quickly, and to the best of our ability. So please - treat it like it belongs to your parents... everybody wins. The unfortunate fact is, as with 'off the Barrier' car rental companies - you are responsible for damage to our vehicles.

Should your planned trip be hampered by unexpected or unhampered circumstance, we'll try to work with you to come to the best end result - on a case by case basis. There is no one size fits all, because this is the Barrier - and on the Barrier, the unexpected... happens.

We understand if your flight departs after the service stations have closed, and respect that you will have made every effort to refuel the vehicle prior to your departure, or be morally responsible enough to let us know you haven't, and happy enough to take care of the invoice that will follow.

The road cameras are in the vehicles for your protection should any incidents occur - we simply review the footage, so please do not unplug, turn off, or disable them. Footage is also reviewed should we suspect that any of the above 'BIG no no's' have been breached.

A full drivers license is expected, and drivers under the age of 25 will be charged a refundable bond, should the vehicle be returned in the same condition as it's collected. Under 21's a larger bond. The cars must not be driven by any party who hasn't presented their full license or completed a bond transaction.

The real Nitty Grittys are on the link - and remember - we want you to have the best time possible, please enjoy yourselves, with respect to the land, sea, locals and the vehicle/s - go forth!