About Great Barrier Wheels

Our business is a family operated one, we aim to ensure whilst you’re here, your stay is unique, off the grid, and as applicable as your individual, dual, group, or family-based holiday needs are. We’re easy, accessible and friendly... Great Barrier Wheels holidays packages  and your own amazing experience is just a phone call or email away. 

Your Friendly Proprietors - Nic and Jaz

‘What about Great Barrier Island?’ That was the question that spurned our move to one of the most beautiful places in the world.

 After looking at the upper North Island, for property that would meet our dream home, water view location, provide us the lifestyle that was no longer living in the ‘rat-race’, and giving our boys an outdoor life second to none, that question popped up. A surprise visit, a chance encounter, a business bought, and here we are - the island literally, as the locals say ‘chose us’. 

Just one look - was all it took yeahhhhhh!

It’s a passion this place, and one we want to pass onto you - our visitors, The beauty, tranquil and majestic all at the same time. The night sky!! ‘The Barrier’s’ recently awarded Dark Sky status, has really got people the world over talking. Only one of three Dark Sky spots in the world - if the Island’s beauty didn’t speak for itself before, it certainly does now!

 The Island’s also unique in that, not only is there no public transport, there’s not even an ATM. We are - happily, off the grid. But for your holiday, we want to help, and it starts with our iconic, Barrier-proud, cars on Aotea.

Welcome to us, and we welcome you to ours!

Nic, Jaz, Seoul & Roman.

(Gypsy, Rillo, Scabbers & Aotea  - you’re bound to meet our pets too!)

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